According to Nana Aba Anamoah, you are a hypocrite if you ever jammed to Michael Dapaah’s “Man’s Not Hot” song and frowning on Patapaa’s “skopatomana” song.

The Gh One TV news editor, unloaded her anger on people who were criticizing her for endorsing Patapaa’s “skopatomana” challenge which has seized the trending spots on social media.

Once upon a time, Ghanaian-British comedian, Michael Dapaah, shook the globe with his “Man’s Not Hot” song, which has some similarity to Patapeezy’s viral verse because both rappers on their songs, did not make any meaningful statement, with their lyrics which many find hilarious.

However, according to Nana Aba Anamoah, some people enjoyed Big Shaq’s tune but are considering Patapaa’s latest as something unnecessary which doesn’t deserve any worthy attention.

She made the comments via her Twitter account, where she has been promoting Patapaa’s challenge which has even attracted comments from Sarkodie, Medikal and others.

When people fall in love, they tend to do a lot of things to please their partners and show how much they love them.

This is exactly what a man identified as Ini Frank did when he bought a refrigerator for his girlfriend.

But after realising that he was not getting the same kind of love and commitment from the girlfriend Ini did the unthinkable by carrying the refrigerator away.

According to Ini who told his story in a popular Facebook group, he visited the girlfriend one day and realised that she had another boyfriend.

As if the realisation that his girlfriend was cheating was not enough, he met the rival drinking water from the very fridge he had bought for the girl.

In order not to drag the issue, Ini decided to take away the fridge.

Ini who shared photos of himself carrying the fridge captioned the photo: “I went to my girlfriend's house I saw her boyfriend drinking water from the fridge I bought for her so I took the fridge.”

The AMG business rapper, Medikal has finally had his turn at Tim Westwood TV and on record, he is one the most dope Ghanaian musicians who have had the opportunity to appear on the show.

Medikal started his rap by talking about who he is and the musical groups he belongs to. He also bragged a little as expected of any rapper.

Then he descended into serious business. Medikal rapped about the beautiful things in Africa. He mentioned how Africans are happy and live a fulfilled live irrespective of the minor challenges.

Medikal went on to talk about major media stations like CNN and how they paint African black. He mentioned CNN gives the impression to the Western world that Africans live on the tree.

Medikal has been nominated for the Vodafone Ghana Music Award 2019 rapper of the year and many are expecting him to win it. If you loved the flow, vote for Medikal…He deserves it.

Veteran Ghanaian rapper, Michael Kwabena Okyere Darko best known as Obrafour has opened up on how his life became after he lost his mother, a challenging stage for him as he described it.

In an interview with Frankie 05 on Hitz Fm’s This Is Gospel show on Sunday, the legendary rapper said he dropped out of school after he lost his mother. “I couldn’t go back to school again”.

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Narrating what happened to Frankie 05, the Ghetto love hitmaker said his mum visited him in school on a Thursday, only to be told that she has fallen ill the next day.

He then sought for permission to take her to 37 military hospital in Accra to prevent the unforeseen from happeningIn response to how he overcame that emotional breakdown, he said he went astray for a while, but came back to read his bible and realized that God does everything for a reason. He said he understood that God took his mum away from him because it had to happen and that made him face life.

Obrafour also disclosed that before the demise of his mum, he established an Adventist church when he was in school and had the support of the school authorities to operate. He added that he was even going from dormitory to dormitory preaching the gospel.. He added that his mother was fine on Saturday so he left her only to be told that she has died the following day.

As monitored by, he said the issue broke him and made him feel really bad and bitter about life. He added that it made him doubt God and questioned why God did that to him, considering his devotion to Him. “God knew my mum was everything I had. She was my financial backbone. My everything.”

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