Stop Buying Expensive Brazilian, Peruvian Wigs- Nana Ama Mcbrown Expensive Brazilian, Peruvian Wigs

Stop Buying Expensive Brazilian, Peruvia…

Apr 02, 2017 / Entertainment

Pretty award-winning actress Nana Ama Mcbrown has entreated women especially students to desist from buying expensive fashionable materials such as Brazilian wigs, Peruvian wigs, dresses, designer bags, watches and phones which do not add value to their lives.

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Machinery alone will not modernize agriculture – Takpo Naa

Machinery alone will not modernize agric…

Apr 02, 2017 / Business

Naa Widaana-Nanga II, Paramount Chief of Takpo Traditional Area, has said the provision of farm machinery and extension officers are vital to the development of a community.

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Ribeye capicola pork belly brisket ham hock

Ribeye capicola pork belly brisket …

Aug 24, 2014 / Health

P rosciutto porchetta leberkas, shankle pancetta jowl kielbasa tongue chuck filet mignon andouille meatball pastrami sirloin bresaola.

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